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One of the nicest girls you will ever meet in your entire life
Will cross any boundaries just to help you
The perfect girlfriend. More like a mom
If you find one of them, keep them
The bestfriend you never had
Will make your dream come true
Oh look! That's Nusaiba.

Isn't Nusaiba funny as hell.
by urlocaldealer February 18, 2019
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Pretty girl name
name usually given to hoes
Quite insecure although she's peng af
Bad influence on her halal friends
Keep away from her
Unknow: Oh god, that's nusaiba isn't she?
Unknown#2:*sighs lovingly* Yes, isn't she gorgeous?
Unknown: If she wasn't such a hoe, i'd tap that
by Alhamdullilah June 04, 2017
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