Nupur is a super sweet person. She is one of the prettiest people you will meet. She is athletic and funny. She can be really loud!
Nupur is a great girl to have in your life
by samtheman333 April 1, 2018
The name means a beautiful girl with brains , having extraordinary qualities of perception, bold and attractive personality, caring, soft hearted , also the one all the guz want her and the girls wants to be like her. The most sassy-classy girl ull find around u.🌸
Boy_"Oh she's cute, must be NUPUR"
Guys_ "whoa !!!shes hot af 🔥 surely must be NUPUR"bloody bitch she got me !
by @1234@ January 10, 2018
Ghunghroo - ankle bracelets
It is mentioned in the Ganesh Aarti.
by Nupur Shivalkar November 24, 2003
A super hot girl. Who is a crush of each and every guy. She loves to pose in front of cameras and loves hospiyality. She is the ideal girl in boys heart. She will love the future love of a chubby partner.
Nupur the hotty
Everyone else a potty
by Pawanam June 1, 2019
You are so nupur! You almost hit that truck with your celica!
by Anonymous April 3, 2003
Cockaroches bug perfume soap of bugs black
by Nuper March 11, 2017