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she is perfect she makes your day she is totally a hufflepuff she loves and cares about everyone but if you hurt her or someone she cares about she will be the most passive agressive person you will ever meet.
did you meet her she is totally a numa.
by tewavtateatewvaetvaevtewvqtv February 20, 2017
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Numa means Pleasant and beautiful. An amazing girl who will light your face up with one look. So hot, beautiful and pretty her eyes can shine the whole sky like a shooting star. She understands you and her laugh makes ten thousand people smile. She is amazing and honest and will make your day!
Person 1: Omg look at Numa she is so beautiful I wish I could get her to notice me!!!!
Person 2: I know right she is so fine bro I would kill a thousand men just to see her smile!
Person 3: Ahhhh she’s like a flower that lights my day up!!!
by DamonSalvator321 October 26, 2018
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"Look at that Numa over there! He moves and then 30 seconds later the rest of his gut follows"
by Nate P. February 11, 2005
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pronounced: new-mah
1. Verb. to do something cool.
2. Adj. a description of something awesome.
3. N. an extremely cool object.

1. V. my house got numa'd
2. adj. that car is totally numa
3. n. she's got an awesome pair of numas.
by *austin james* August 27, 2006
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