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A word used to detach oneself from the homosexual meaning or connotation of a statement. Synonymous with no homo. Originated by internet blogger Byron Crawford from the Latin term "nullus homosexualis".
"You guys look like you just took a pounding. Nullus."
"I really felt touched by him (nullus)."
"The defense is going to swallow him up. Nullus."
by bucnizzle April 01, 2007
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Coined by hip-hop blogger Byron Crawford the term not only refers to a male scrotum but can be substituted for the far more popular β€œno homo” clichΓ©.
Yesterday, I received a package (nullus) in the mail.
by Tony the Great February 01, 2006
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Nullus is classified as an irregular adjective in Latin and is translated as None or No.

This language existed before Jesus. It was not 'coined' by anyone. The other definitions of it were just as stupid as saying all black people look the same.
Nullus est liber tam malus ut non aliqua parte prosit - There is no book so bad that it is not profitable on some part.
by anonymouskiller April 03, 2011
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