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An area of space-time with a quantum singularity at its center. The singularity has a theoretically infinite mass, making it impossible for even light to escape. Around the singularity is an Event-Horizon. This is also known as the point of no return because it is the critical area that light can no longer escape from, and time itself comes to an end, or is at the same time ad-infinitum. Much work has been done on this subject by Stephen Hawking.
A black hole is an inescapable point of space time.
by Nightmare April 16, 2004

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A figment of your imagination.

Similar to dreams, but explains something terrible.
Oh no, I had a nightmare that I would fail my math test!
by Nightmare February 28, 2005

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Slang for a nuclear/thermonuclear device, usually classified as an ICBM, MRBM or tactical nuclear bomb (tac-nuke). Currently, it is the most powerful weapon available to mankind, creating either the fission (breaking of) or fusion (fusing together) of atoms. Nukes can release a blast more powerful than one million tons of TNT
We're lighting off nukes out there like it's our own Fourth of July
by Nightmare April 16, 2004

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Siegfried Schtauffen from the Soul Edge/Calibur series after gripping the cursed hilt of Soul Edge. As Siegfried, carries a massive Zweihander named Faust, or another named Requiem. Probably the best character in the SE/C series. Appears in full platemail armor in SE, without helm in SC/SCII, or as Nightmare, in full plate with his right arm exposed, looking as though it were torn off of a demon and surgically placed over his own arm.
"I will show you...the GREATEST nightmare!"
by Nightmare April 16, 2004

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Buring down your house with a cigarette while you attend a "Stop Smoking" meeting.
True Story of Irony (January 31, 2009)

A lit cigarette burned a home to the ground while its occupants were attending a meeting to help them quit smoking.

Officials determined the fire was started by a cigarette that had been left burning by the 80-year-old mother of the man who owns the mobile home in San Luis Obispo, California.

The butt was left on a porch table while the two left for a health department meeting to help the woman quit smoking.

The fire caused $200,000 worth of damage.
by Nightmare January 31, 2009

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A person who's homosexuality has become monsterous.

A person who is both homosexual, and a monster.
My freind Ethan, who has become "emo" in out look in life and dress, is a Fagmonster. He absorbs other people's gay, and sends it out as his own, giving off homosexual vibes for miles from his hill billy house.
by Nightmare January 06, 2005

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Chef Boyardee food, consisting of macaroni and ground hamburger.
Beefaroni is totally tasty
by Nightmare September 04, 2003

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