Noya is a very nice person. She has big brown eyes, and long brown hair. She loves a good laugh and hanging out with her friends. She likes good food, and a funny book. She is very pretty, and creative and you won't regret having her as your friend. She is very athletic and loves to do acrobatics. Noya is an Israeli name. Don't lie to her or betray her because you will be sorry!!!
Girl: Noya is so kind and funny
Boy: Yeah and she's GORGEOUS 😻
by Ella 😻 October 9, 2020
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Name for Pompano Beach Florida, used by locals
im from the noya
by 14kdee May 2, 2019
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A beautiful and pretty girl. Israeli name. Is very friendly but only has a few best friends that she’ll appreciate the most. Very talented and knowledgeable.
“Noya” is such an amazing girl
by David gurldon January 1, 2020
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the most wholesome of people

will bake you cookies
super badass
hella tired
Noya’s been asleep since Friday, is she okay?
by highlordness October 10, 2018
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Noya is the coolest person ever and I love them sm they are one of a kind bro
Noya is so cool
by z3witsu June 16, 2021
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Something that is fire or something that is good to listen/watch/eat/drink or any activity
by _blackforces August 9, 2019
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about to whup your ass....
It is 5 00 pm and it is time to go NOYA on the foosball table!
by Mike Oxlong May 14, 2003
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