Nowi is a nice girl, she loves attention but has a hard time becoming attached. She needs encouragement and support. Her best friend cares deeply about her. The nickname she gives him is Nonou.
I love u Nonou.

Nowi, my happy girl.
by poemrie November 23, 2021
The person that rejects the idea of anything related to love
Dude, this girl that I'm dating is a complete nowi, we're going nowhere.
by Jed Averwin December 31, 2015
Nowy is polak for newbie, but as nickname for dutch people ( read: only jessy ) it's a really masterly name
Da nowy is now online
by February 16, 2005
is a polish word, it means new.
so if you are a nowy, your a facking newby
by djdarthman February 16, 2005
A person that dresses in current trends, according to the mainstream retail market.
That girl in the Ugg Boots is such a nowie.
by Nat Sel February 10, 2013
a really epic person with a big penis and gets a lot pussy and he’s popular on youtube and instagram
hot girl 1: dude you nowi wowi
hot girl 2: yeah he’s so hot and gorgeous
by Nowi Wowi November 13, 2019
The man still has a huge cock. He won sexiest man in the world 2 in a row beating such names as Snoop Dogg by a long shot. He is a super duper famous youtuber with over 1 million subscribers. His favorite food is pussy and his favorite color is pink :3. Did i mention he has a big cock?
Sexy Woman 1: Nowi Wowi please stop harassing us
by Nowi Wowi March 4, 2021