November 22nd is officially make out or take out day, the day where you choose to make out with your significant other or you take them out on a date. Good luck!
by CallMeDaddy ÒwÓ November 16, 2019
November 22nd, Childhood nostalgia day. Take a day to remember and go through videos, pictures, movies, paintings and games from your childhood that make you happy.
Girl: its November 22nd, you know what that means.
Friend: Childhood Nostalgia day! Let’s pull up some Stampys lovely world and play some webkinz.
by HumanUniverse November 11, 2019
November 22nd is national Starbucks Day ! Celebrate today with your favorite coffee or tea from Starbucks!
Person 1: When’s national Starbucks Day?
Person 2: Today! It’s November 22nd !
by That one redhead October 28, 2019
spoil your girl day or slap there booty ;)
22nd November is national spoil your girl day!
by getfxuck February 5, 2020
The day an amazing boyfriend was born. If your boyfriend was born on this day your lucky. He is caring, loving and has the most funniest humour ever. He will also bring you chocolates when your on your period and will also bring you flowers before an important event. He is full of surprises.
Girl 1: Hey, is your boyfriend born on 22nd November.
Girl 2: No why?
Girl 1: Mine is, go find a boyfriend like mine.
by Nayden_4ever October 11, 2021