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Noura technically means light.
I modified the meaning of Noura, to be more precise; Noura is the light to the full moon.
She is often imitated, but never duplicated.
She is one of a kind. She is special.
Also a good kisser.
Noura makes me happy all the time! I'm smiling right now.
by bn2bn7 October 09, 2016
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a wise smart cute sexy lady with a perfect body and personality
when ur friend looks real nice and u wanna exaggerate n telling her how gr8 she looks u say: u look like a noura :|
by noun September 26, 2007
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A Fineeee ass gurl who has an AMAZING body and is hella tight. Noura's are amazing kissers and sexy as Fuuck.
"Damn did you just see Noura walk by, i'd tap that all day!"
by Gluebers February 02, 2010
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Noura is a very crazy hyper person with the best personality. Noura has a creative mind and does not think like others she is one-of-a-kind She is a special girl and very kind with a big heart But if you are rude to her or her friends or to her family she gets aggressive. Noura is very competitive person and a good athlete and loves to win but she still is very kind she likes to prove others wrong when they say sheโ€™s ugly or says she is not strong because she gets teased a lot But she Does not care and just says strong . She is a very good looking girl with very thick eyebrows that stay on fleek And she has a very thick Body in General she Does not care what other people think of her Because she know she is awesome In every way. Noura has also very good facial features Like nice lips or long eyelashes sparkling Eyes and a cute nose overall Noura is a very lit girl she loves to entertain and put a smile on everyoneโ€™s face.
Noura is one of a kind And special
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She has a amazing body she will have low self esteem but at the age of 12 she will hit puberty hard and will look like a model she is thick and her best friends normally are jasmines she will end up marrying a Junior and live a happy life she is also a amazing crafter and loves diyโ€™s she is also very competitive if you mess with her friends or family she can be aggressive she is not someone to be messed with she is not someone to be confused with nora
โ€œDude donโ€™t mess with Noura or she will kick your assโ€

โ€œI heard someone made front of her family and they ended up in a comaโ€
by Factsbabygurl July 03, 2018
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Sexiest woman alive. (Arabic; related to terrorist; not to be confused with Nora)
SNIZZAP P-I-M-P, its Noura!, *splooge*!
by p-i-m-p January 26, 2004
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a feeling of laziness followed by sickness, usually causes heart attacks
Hessa is feeling Noura today, i should visit her.
by unknowncatlady June 13, 2018
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