Tied with Straight Liking, when you get notified from someone straight liking someone's wall and you have commented on most of their statuses and that causes you to get the notifications for the likes.
Lola: I'm going to straight like her page.

*Lola does so*

Sheeba: I'm getting straight notified about this.
by JackGio January 24, 2011
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When dealing with "challenged" maternal units, the complex act of initiating contact.
I shot a turkey and plan to cook it.
I guess I'd better notify your mom.
by Joe Mama October 15, 2004
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UGC Notifier is a Discord and Twitter bot made and ran by @greendevman (on twitter) which is used to push out notifications as fast as possible for new Roblox UGC Items or price changes to currently published items.
Follow UGC Notifier on Twitter: @UGCNotifier
by DidoRBLX August 9, 2020
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