A British (rather tactless) way to say 'good'
Q. How are you?
A. Not too bad, thank you, Not tooo badddd
(Means: I'm doing well)

Q. How did the project come out?
A. Not too bad at all!
(Means: It went quite well)
by Athemos February 08, 2012
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Something unfortunate, ridiculous, in poor taste, or anything that makes you want to say, "Oh my. That's too bad." Appropriately used the day after a drunken escapade, when anyone wears a fanny pack, or when a man thinks it's OK to wear a tank top. It's not.
That woman in the turquoise belted unitard is too bad.

You slept with Erich's mom? Too bad. Better go to the clinic again.
by Dichead August 04, 2006
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A saying that is used in any situation you wish mainly negative ones.
thats my coat....Too bad!. i got no money for you....Too bad!
by someone from around here November 15, 2006
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Socially acceptable way of saying "im not good" or "im not well" without inviting questions because you rather not talk about your problems.
by Sad mc sadface November 19, 2017
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A phrase one says to someone who is whining or complaining about something.

Also can be used as the abbreviation "TBL"
Person 1: AGHHHHH i just fell down a flight of stairs......
Person 2: Too bad, Levin!
by NAQTS January 07, 2012
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A phrase that is usually yelled. Generally when someone says they wish to do something or want something. Usually it is used intentionally to make fun of a person.
"Hey do you want a drink of water?"
"Yes, please."
"Well Too Bad!"

"I really wish I could play the cello."
"WELL TOO BAD! You suck at it."
by WellTooBad May 09, 2009
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