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Australian slang. The term is derived from and is another way in saying, “not here to fuck around. I am here to get the job done”.” Stop wasting time we have things to do”.

It also can be used as declaration that a person has arrived at place of work or sporting team etc…with set of goals and is determined to meet them.

Can be used as reply to obvious question.

Also can be used around women and children as “not here to fornicate with arachnids’"
1. "Mate look at this"...Barry
" Barry, we are not here to Fuck Spiders, get back to it."...boss

2. "Do you think we can win the championship?"...Player
"Well I am not here to Fuck Spiders"...Coach

3. "Digging a hole mate"
“Well I am not here Fuck Spiders"
by Parker26 August 19, 2010
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Intentionally offbeat, blunt, and sarcastic Australian humor to exclaim that you mean business and you're not here to waste time.

It's also rhyming slang with "not here to kick the tires" of a car for sale, which has a similar meaning.
1. "So, are we going to the pub or what?"...Jono
"We're not here to fuck spiders mate, let's fuck this puppy."...Sambo

2. "Your first month on the job has been fantastic. Sales have gone through the roof"...Manager
"Well, I'm not here to fuck spiders. When I'm I going to get my commission check?...Sales rep
by Khe Sanh July 29, 2020
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A metaphor for not having sex with a skinny girl.

Generally used in a sentence to declare ones love for big booty bitches and nothing else.
1. "Look at that girl, she is thicc"
"Well I'm not here to fuck spiders"

2 " We're not fucking spiders in 2019, big booty bitches only.
by djamax January 10, 2019
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