Shortened form of "Not a Scooby Doo" which itself is rhyming slang for I haven't got a clue. (Scooby Doo rhymes with clue.)
What time does the next bus arrive? Sorry, not a Scooby. Isn't there a timetable in the bus shelter?
by 9200feet February 3, 2011
Scoobis is an orange floating head with no arms or legs and a pronounced smile, created by ROBLOX developer zKevin.
by 非常にディスコ December 16, 2018
When you're hitting it so hard hot firey cached bud lands in your mouth
*cough* *cough* fuck *cough* here take that shit i just got scoobied
by DaNkassBUd December 21, 2016
The term scoobies comes from "Scooby Snacks" and refers to charred bits of herb and ash you may suck in while hitting a bowl. While unpleasant, they are no where near as bad as a flaming scooby which is a still smoldering piece of bud that will scorch the back of your throat.
"Dude, that bowl is almost kicked. If you hit it too hard you'll get some mad scoobies . . ."

"*coughing* Boo! Scoobies suck!"
by dave August 24, 2004
/ adj.

Being suspicious/weird like Scooby-Doo or acting federal & sticking ya nose in shit u not supposed to like a dog.
Girl: "How many bodies do u have?"

Guy: "Ngl u being mad scooby rn"
by theyhateness July 12, 2022
English slang:
"scooby doo" = clue

As in:
- "What time are we going out"
- "I ain't got a fucking scooby mate"
by Anonymous October 9, 2003
haw man, that scoobie's pure dead fast like.
by qaz June 9, 2005