"Hey, you saw Not Far From live last night?"
"Yeah, I love that they are some sort of a mix between MxPx & Story of the Year!"
by Fredrik Dimming May 12, 2008
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The eternal sex Gods of happy hardcore from Poughkeepsie, New York
Far From Proper is sexy, I jerk off to their songs.
by Chronico January 30, 2009
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Stating she is beyond or more amazing than a dime piece. Maybe even more amazing than the universe. Shawnic is far from a dime.
Damn Shawnic you're far from a dime!
by Lalolalito January 26, 2017
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An instance when a female looks good from a distance. Soon to find out they are one ugly bitch, up close.
"That chick was good from far, but far from good."
by MF September 6, 2002
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Any person (especially a woman) who, from a distance, looks like they are worthy of a portion but upon closer inspection is revealed to be a right swamp-hog. A BOBFOC

Also abbreviated to NFFFFN
Person #1: "Phwooarr! Look at the arse on that sort! I'd give her one.... EURGH! She's got a face like a box of spanners!"

Person #2: "Ha ha! I told you her face was rough. She's nice from far, far from nice "
by 7Kev7 October 5, 2007
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When a bitch looks hot from a distance . . . but as she gets closer . . . you realize that she's nasty
That bitch was good from far . . . but far from good
by MOSSDOGG April 4, 2003
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looks good from far away, but far from good up close
You see a girl down the street that looks good from far, but she gets close and she is far from good and makes you wanna hurl. "Dude look at that chick across the party. Wait here she comes.(puking noises)Dude she was good from far, far from good.(more puking sounds)."
by Matthew Wegenke October 1, 2006
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