Someone putting the tip of their nose to someone's asshole and it gets a little bit of shit on it. But the shit is an icing-like consistency, making a swirl of smooth shit on the tip of the nose.
Person 1: "Connie is OBSESSED with Pj."
Person 2: "Yeah, nose shit."
by Matalie Goss December 12, 2017
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someone who shoves their nose up people's asses to get people to like them.

They can also pick up the scent of anyone's fart within a twenty mile radius.
"That's a nice suit sir". Look at that shit nose sucking up.

If it wasn't for my shit nose, I could enjoy my meals without smelling ass every second.
by Katherine January 13, 2004
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During 69 eating a girl out may result in your nose being in her butthole area giving the male partner shit nose.
Party douche #1: “Ew, what’s that on Rick’s nose?”
Party douche#2: “I herd Rick and Noel we doing 69, Noel must have given him shit nose.”
by Loyal follower of ron February 17, 2019
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Nose shit is a kid who like creating cutie pies in the toilet.
‘How did nose shit born?’
One day her mom,poop was walking around she suddenly sneezed and at that moment she wasn’t given birth.
‘I want a nose shit too!how can I get one?’
you need to be faithful for it.
‘Will nose shit die?’
No,cuz she’s the god of nose shits.

and you’re right,it’s me!!!
nose shit:hello.
Grandpa ying:oh my goodness!!!!it’s nose shit the goddess.
nose shit:bye.
by nose poop January 7, 2023
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