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A quick observation game typically played to determine who will be the person to either go first or commit to an action all together. The last person not touching their nose is essentially "it".

Person A: "Who's gonna go get the pizza from downstairs?"

Group: "......."

Person A: "Nose goes!"

Person B: "....dammit!"
by DiglettSays January 17, 2009
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These definitions are right on. However, they forgot one thing. Nose goes can only be done with a minimum of 3 people, since initiating a nose goes between 2 people is the same as just telling them to do it, which is stupid.
Nose goes. {Places finger on nose.}
No way! You can't do nose goes with only 2 people! That's stupid.
by digmshiphter May 15, 2007
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A game in which one calls, "Nose Goes!" And whichever person touches their nose last loses.
Cannot be played via text message.
One cannot disobey the outcome of the game.
Person A: "Who is going to pick it up?"
Person B: "Nose Goes!"

<Everyone hurries to touch their nose>

Loser: "Oh dearie me, I seem to have lost."
by Superandomness June 08, 2010
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BEST GAME EVER. if you do not want to do something like cleaning or getting off your lazy ass for cake then you touch your nose and say "nose goes" and the last person to do that, must be non lazy.
hanch: "i want cake...::touches nose:: nose goes!!!
alana: ::touches nose:: "nose goes!!!"
emily: ::touches nose:: "nose goes!!!"
nikkii: "damn it!" ::walks into kitchen, gets big cake::
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A way of determining who has to do a task, such as close a door or turn off a light after everyone is seated. To call 'nose goes', you simply place your index finger on your nose, and say "nose goes". The last person to call 'nose goes' has to do the task.
Amber: "Someone turn off the light, it's putting a glare on the tv."
Everyone but Julia: "Nose goes"
Julia: "Aww, you guys suck"
by Hannah M. January 03, 2006
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More frequently called "No nose goes".

It's a way to decide who has to do something you obviously don't want to do. These are the rules: someone calls "No nose goes" and the last person who touches his or her nose or whoever doesn't touch it at all is left with the task everyone else just avoided (hence NO nose goes).

There are plenty of versions of this technique. For example, a different one involves everyone having to put one of their feet in the circle (making a circle of feet with the other participants). The last person to put their foot inside the circle is left with the task.
Rick: "Looks like someone has to make the popcorn...No nose goes!" *touches nose*

Everyone else: *touches nose*

-Josh is the last person to realize what is going on and ends up touching his nose last-

Everyone else: "Josh has to make the popcorn."

Josh: "I hate you guys..." *goes to do their bidding*
by Vio-lence January 05, 2006
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