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A somewhat dirty, slovenly animal, that resembles a human being. Typically from, or living on, the Northside of Dublin city or County Dublin, Ireland. North Dublin, is seperated from the affluent district of South Dublin by the River Liffey - once clean with sparkling water, but polluted by northsiders who use it to wash themselves annually and dispose of their excrement in the river.

Northsiders are not to be confsed with the homless tramps a class above the Northsider, that cross the city from the southside of Dublin to forrage for scraps of food in the refuse in bins, left by the clean southsiders who are unfortunate enough to have to work on the Northside.

Northsiders often eat their young, and have a distinct language of their own, thereby eliminating them from any normal profession, or decent social class.
Heard in Dublin - "Look at that filthy Northsider, it is covered in it's own urine and vomit"
Written on toilet walls - Im a Northsider, lob it inthere boss
Said in court by Northsiders - "not guilty"
Said by Judges - "I would lock that disgusting animalistic northsider up for the remaining years of his pathetic life if I could. However I cannot, so instead I sentence him to 10 years"
Said by a posh Northsider in a uniform - "do ye wan friez wit dat missuz?"
by southsiderdublinireland June 08, 2012
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