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the part of dublin on the northside of the river. implies poverty, shiny tracksuits, tacky bling, and teen pregancy.
whoa, check those northside knackers. your one is up the duff.
by chi town chica March 15, 2005

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when something is too fucking amazing for a regular "sweet"
said by a girl when her friend bought something hot
gurl 1: i got new birkenstocks
gurl 2: Suh-weet
by chi town chica May 30, 2005

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the hott guy i like can do this
its wen ya thorw a bbal so it bounces of the back board and then ya catch it in the ari and dunk it
wow nick is so fucking hot wen he dinner serveds
by chi town chica April 17, 2005

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like smoock'd, but punk'd
hey zack, you got smoock'd
by chi town chica April 01, 2005

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