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Abackle-Ackle is a word used when you don't know what to say. So someone asks you something you don't know tbe answer to, ABACKLE-ACKLE.
Person1: Hey Person2, what's 2+2
by NorthernCalifornian101 September 2, 2020
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The Northernmost part of California. Where it's always raining, there are trees everywhere, it's usually cold, people don't like say like like like a million like times like, we don't all surf, we're either rude and introverted, rude and extroverted, or VERY FEW of us are nice and ambiverted. YES. IT EXISTS!! And it isn't just San Fransisco.
Person1: I'm from California!
Person2: Hm, so you must be really good at surfing.
Person1: No. I don't surf.
Person2: You don't even have blonde hair!
by NorthernCalifornian101 September 2, 2020
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