A small town in Northeast Ohio where middle to upper middle class teens think that they are ghetto because they vape, smoke grass, sag, and wear their hoods up in class.
Gurpreet: yo, how is dem North Canton doggies doin
Jimbo: youre one of those wannabe hoodlums arent you
by Jimbob le Vestan October 16, 2018
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A Great Place to Live and Raise a Family. Or so thats what they say. I say, A Great Place to Get in a Wreck Trying to Get Out of the Post Office. North Canton is a town straight out of the 50's, primarily because it hasn't changed since the 50's, except for that it has approxiamately 4329850275827 more stoplights. Residents of Greentown think they live here, but they don't.
Greentown resident: "I live in North Canton!"
North Canton resident: "No you don't. I do. You live with cows. I have a family and we have 2.4 children and 1.8 cars, one of which was hit when I pulled out of the post office."
by Paul June 19, 2004
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A place where cops have nothing better to do than yell at people for loitering and pull people over.
I went to North Canton and got my ass pulle dover for doing 2 mph over the speed limit.
by Kevin Reynolds February 28, 2005
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city in northeast ohio with some of the richest, prettiest, preppiest people you'll ever meet. even the "ghetto" of north canton has nicer houses than the middle class area of most other cities. everyone from north canton loves their city but doesn't realize it until they leave and miss it. it's full of attractive people with nice clothes, cars, and houses. everyone knows everything about everyone else because the population is approximately 10 people. it's 99% white and 1% "other." everyone's fairly nice to each other and loves their sporting events, particularly football. don't bother looking for a north cantonian anywhere but north canton memorial field on a friday night, because they will most definitely be at a football game. north canton excels at EVERYTHING- sports, academics, and arts. probably the only good school left in northeast ohio that actually has all three bases covered. it was named a few years ago in some travel magazine "one of america's top 100 places to live." .. RIP hoover factory, we will forever miss you as we gaze at your gigantic smokestack you left behind.
"how can that girl be soo rich and good looking and smart and athletic and still so down to earth?"
"she's just so north canton"
by yoyoyo34 November 11, 2009
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