Hick villiage north of North Canton. Lots of cows and new neighborhoods, all right up next to each other.
"Greentown Pride!"
by Paul June 19, 2004
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Possibly the scummiest portion of northeastern PA. Inhabited mostly by whores and drug addicts. Defining characteristic: POOR.
She slept with some guy in Puerto Rico who she didn't even know, but she's from Greentown so that's only to be expected.
by cc busser December 14, 2009
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aka "Shakytown" after the highly unusual 3.8 tremor that was epicentered there in December 2010. Home of unique and famous late 19th-early 20th Century pressed glass.
Let's head over to Greentown, Indiana to see how the Glass Museum held up after the 'quake!
by MRMAESTRO January 9, 2011
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