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A code word for getting far with another person sexually. Extreme zip lining is going all the way.
Matt went zip lining with Allison at the party last night.
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by Imeandamnkillerhuuuuuhhh March 26, 2017
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The act of unzipping a man's fly, snorting a line off of his erect penis, and then performing fellatio.
Dude ever since your sister got a hold of that coke, she's been calling me up for some Ziplining.

What's that?

She unzips my pants and snorts a line off my erection before sliding her mouth down my cock.
by $ammy$prinkler June 30, 2019
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The act of refusing to completely remove your pants before intercourse, and choosing instead to just pull your dick out through the fly. While unnecessary and ultimately will result in chafing, it is a very common practice.
Went on a date with Rebecca yesterday, things got hot and heavy fast, didn't even have time to get my pants off, so I was zip-lining her!
by BigDaddyRy August 26, 2017
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