a guarenteed way to lose 10 pounds in 24 hours, the closest to actual death you'll ever experience without a terminal illness or major accident. 24-36 hours of pooping and puking, fever, hallucinations, crying for your mommy, sweating, and bargaining with both Jesus and Satan to live.

Highly contagious. No medical treatment available besides starving yourself, and if you don't sanatize all handles with bleach afterwards you'll get it again.

Also known as Walking Dead Disease
" Dude what happened to Maddison , she was out for two days and now she looks like a hot zombie?"

"Norovirus bro. Don't touch her. She's deadly right now."
by Motherofunicorns February 16, 2017
A awful stomach flu that sees you chucking your guts up and shitting in the toilet, sometimes both at the same time.

Lasts around 3 - 5 days.

Caught by not washing your hands
Tom: Man it stinks in the bathroom!
Mark: Yeah, Christina has the Norovirus. She has been shitting all day.
Tom: Sucks. Do you have Toilet Duck?
by eskills December 13, 2012