A term used by a certain SpaceX host to say that everything is going well.
It was a completely norminal day at SpaceX!
by jebediahkerman April 14, 2019
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Jace Norman's fandom. They have amazing edits and they are so nice to people , they respect everyone's opinion even if they don't agree to it :) Norminators are the sweetest fandom but if you hate on them or on there idol I suggest you to run away
Example : the meaning of norminators is Jace Norman's fandom
by Jace_Norman226 March 22, 2021
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A portmanteau of the words "normal" and "nominal."

Coined (unintentionally) by SpaceX's John Insprucker.
The propulsion systems and trajectory continue to be norminal!
by Dixiklo9000 February 5, 2018
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When something happens according to plan with such regularity that it's normal.
Elijah getting fired but still coming into work the next day is norminal.
by aTALLasian April 11, 2019
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