Where a older man goes after a younger child to peer pressure them so instead of saying "pedo" you say "nonse"
Nonse:"How old are you"

Child: "13 how old are you?"
Nonse: "43 wanna have sex?"
Child: "get lost ya fucking nonse"
by Jimin_is_sexy.kelsie.leigh wro November 27, 2019
"Nonse" is the same as "Nonce" but spelled differently for no reason at all. The word is often used by a British person.
The word basically means "Pedophile".
That guy's a nonse, he said he liked kids.
by S e a f o u r December 4, 2019
A middle aged man who goes by Lee Horn who prays on young girls and feeds them drugs and then sleeps with them.
by TinkyWinky101 October 25, 2018
Somebody that does something to annoy you. The definition is left ambiguous so that the term can be used in any context and for any reason.
Ger is a nonse!
by airtac November 13, 2010
This is what you’ll be called by any British person angry with you for either cutting them off or not being a good enough partner
Felicia , you never load the dishwasher properly... you’re such a NONSE
by Conquer the British November 2, 2018
'that doesnt make any sense, you nonse'
by Ant01n3 September 24, 2005
Gary Currant
by Lee February 29, 2004