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The letter "E" is what comes after the letter "D" in the alphabet. "E" is also used by people in text messages, in the context of Eh... So when you ask someone a question and they answer with "e". Just block them, they deserve it. But there are people that just copy it, and dont know what they are saying when they type "e".
You: Hey man how do you install shaders for minecraft?

Annoying friend: e
by S e a f o u r September 28, 2020
Being similar to or thinking like a Neanderthal.

Often used as a replacement insult for Dumb or Stupid.
Hey dude, you should install Tik-Tok.

Nah, that entire platform is Neanderthalic.
by S e a f o u r March 29, 2022
A Simp is a person that would do anything for a girl/boy even if they don't have a chance of being their number two, often happens online with female streamers. It is often used randomly by people that misinterpret what it is. which is ruining the word.
Person 1: I just Tier3 Subbed to Pokimane!

Person 2: Fucking simp.
by S e a f o u r September 28, 2020
"Nonse" is the same as "Nonce" but spelled differently for no reason at all. The word is often used by a British person.
The word basically means "Pedophile".
That guy's a nonse, he said he liked kids.
by S e a f o u r December 4, 2019