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The Nonagon is a legendary house in Normal Illinois. The house has 9 residents and they have the most outrageous parties. These party's generally consist of naked girls and busch light.
Bro #1 - Dude the Nonagon is having a 9 barrel tonight

Bro #2 - sweet bro lets go get some pussy
by NuevoNonagon April 10, 2009
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A 9-sided polygon. The latin root orginates from the word "nona" which means ninth of the ninth. 9-9 or 1/9. Or just ninth. Read the book Virtual Mode by Piers Anthony for more relative relations on the modes and Julia set.
The nonagon has 20 parallel demensions. One is the Burgess set. I don't know any others. They are intersecting, but still parallel. Just fuck me, my brain hurts.
by --a0a-- February 26, 2003
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