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Noelys is a smart talented girl. Noelys is usually a hipster and is very cute. Noelys is usually very sweet and everyone's best friend .
Noelys is my best friend.
Noelys is my favorite.
by Mushhshshdhjsibdjdjnbhjjbbbjji January 06, 2017
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Omg Noely is THE best. She’s absolutely gorgeous but doesn’t know it! She’s crazy, outgoing, smart, and funny. She is the whole package. Also she is very loyal. Best girlfriend ever and can get any guy!
Girl 1: you’re friends with Noely right?
Girl 2: yeah she’s the absolute best. I wouldn’t trade her for anything
by TWFGGPLLNG June 04, 2018
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Cute smart funny girl. Loves to dance. SHakes what her momma gave her. A gamer girl. Big beautiful heart. Usually is into gamer guys with glasses. Becomes best friends with guys named like Andrew
Andrew could not stop laughing at Noely’s jokes! She’s too funny!
by Cherriibommb July 05, 2018
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A gurl who luvs batman, harry potter, and Andrew Garfield screenshots, luvs the way Micah stones shine, hates garlic and cheaters and fakes. These gurls are slightly hipster and may have defects like crooked teeth or hard punches. But u shud nevr let them go. Evr. Or else that will be the end of that.
Noely rocks my world.
Noely will never come back to you, you screwed the pooch.
by MicahtheRock July 23, 2012
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