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Term used to describe any group of junkies or the people waiting in line at a methadone clinic, due to their tendency to fall asleep at any given moment.
Noticing the nod squad waiting for bag in a bag to open, one could only assume the shit was good yesterday.
by Scandall May 25, 2008
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A clan that plays a free online FPS/RTS shooter called Red Alert: A Path Beyond. It's really good, you should check it out.

Other than that, quite similar to the first definition.
The entire roster of both Nod Squad and Deadly Invicible Elite were playing on the server tonight. So pretty much everyone in the world who plays APB then.
by Chewitsaurus November 30, 2011
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In airsoft, refers to a group of people playing together of which some or all of the group is using night vision scopes or goggles, IR scopes or goggles, thermal imaging scopes or goggles, or any combination thereof.

Because of the high cost relative to other pieces of gear, night vision is not commonly seen at airsoft skirmishes but is much more common at national events where the game will continue until much later or through the entire night. NOD Squads can be viewed by some players as having an unfair advantage because the price can be almost exponentially higher compared to other airsoft gear, be it real issued or Chinese copies.

The term is coined from combining NOD, one of the abbreviations of night vision standing for Night Optical/Observation Device, and squad, which is a group of soldiers usually no more than 12 in number. This such for the alliterative consonance, as NVG (night vision goggles) and NVD (night vision device) do not have vowels to be pronounced similarly to words.
Player 1: "Is our team doing the night game?"
Player 2: "Not tonight, look at all of the NOD Squads getting geared up in the parking lot."
by The Gun Gamer June 02, 2018
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