When you really just don't give a fuck or you just don't care anymore.
He's always whining about not having any money. I have no fucks to give Jim since he simply lives off his parents' pity.
by Word2014 May 4, 2015
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If you have a "fuck to give", it means you actually care about the situation or problem, which is generally rare. A "fuck to give", can also quickly disappear.

When you don't have a "fuck to give", you have no intention of caring about anything that relates to the problem/situation/statement.
"So, Monday morning I had a terrible experience. I had-" "I don't have a fuck to give."
by Jam3s_B0nd July 16, 2014
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It has no meaning, due to the fact I don't give any
Paul: Hey man, I'm going to San Fransisco
Dylan: This is the amount of fucks I give *points to nothing*
by PairOfDucks February 22, 2015
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When you are all out of fucks to give about anything at all. Or when someone states the obvious right in your face so hard that a fuck would be wasted on them.
"Easter was last week..."
"I haven't a fuck to give."
by 87 vaginas January 16, 2009
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