The simplified version or explanation of something complicated. Originated from "no tomatoes on my spicy chicken sandwich."
Give me the no tomatoes explanation why the stock market crashed in 2008/2009.
by Mr. Mauritius June 17, 2013
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Used to exclaim how terrible something is (primarily heard from youtuber Mike's Mic)
She was like: "Booo, tomato tomato!" when she saw Riverdale on TV.
by funzies February 9, 2022
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A ginger who is sun burned, or angry, that they appear so red, they look like a tomato
Man that guy is such a tomato, must be all that sun.
by LockeMcCoy April 14, 2015
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What's so wrong with your life that you're looking for the definition of a tomato in urban dictionary
by QUILTON GIRLS May 23, 2019
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From at least the 30s (the advent of talking movies) to the early 60s a "tomato" was a good looking woman.
In one of Victor Mature's (a relative big star in the 40's and 50's) he was talking with Betty Grable (a sex symbol during those years) and someone walks up and says: Hiya Vic, who's the tomato?
by Phlintheart June 7, 2017
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To blush so intensely, that one's face resembles the color of a tomato. (Verb)
When she fell down in front of her crush, she felt herself begin to blush. Her crush than whispered to his/her friend;
"She's tomatoing because she likes me".
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The state of a relationship when you're not quite dating but not just friends. Neither party is sure if they like the other enough to date, yet continue to do most of the same things as people in committed relationships. If they get tired of one another, they can simply return to "just friend" status without social upheaval.

So named because of the tomato's role as not quite a fruit and not quite a vegetable and not to be confused with fuck buddies or sex friends.
Ryan and Jesse are tomatoed - they hang out all the time, but it's still not official.
by dkohler October 29, 2011
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