A passive-aggressive response to reject a try-hard with unspecific plans, which actually means "I don't have time for you, but I have time for other people, so BYE."
Person 1: Hey I know we haven't seen each other in a while. Are you free to hang this week?

Person 2: No sorry.
by OzThe2Chainz August 27, 2019
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1) Typically used to signify that speaker does not care whether their behavior emotionally upsets someone else.

2) The term could also be used to acknowledge that the speaker's behavior could upset someone, but the speaker stands by their behavior.
1) *Slaps book out of someone's hands* "Oh, you were reading that? Sorry Not Sorry."

2) In a cooking competition "I saw her drop her dish on the floor. I could have helped her, but I'm running out of time. Sorry Not Sorry."
by VinM7 December 25, 2016
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A stupid saying that stupid ass young girls say to make them sound bitchy but they really arent.
haha YOur Ugly... Sorry Not Sorry.
by Special KLove February 9, 2012
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A new breakthrough single by Demi Lovato, it is used to represent the fact that a person doesn't emotionally care on whether a behavior upsets someone or not.
by MindsEyeTHPS August 21, 2017
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Another limp dick passive aggressive move done by some who are trying way too hard to seem cool, smart, sarcastic and/or funny. Key term, trying way too hard..... Usually the attempt is an utter and complete failure and perceived for what it truly is, yet another desperate stab at attention.
I saw some dope put up one of those sorry not sorry posts about some hot button issue on Facebook. I guess the "desperately needs some kind of attention" app wasn't working at the time.

sorry not sorry needy shut up passive aggressive dumb unfunny
by Furiosa the Accursed June 11, 2016
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It means that you’re sorry because your not sorry
ex:”Khailia is a bitch, sorry not sorry
by Kayla 🙂 July 5, 2018
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When you say you don't have anything to begin with. Or when you are unable to help out even if you were to try your very hardest.
Person 1: Do you sell drugs?

Person 2: No, Sorry.

Person 1: *comprehends person 2 never sold drugs to begin with*

Person 1: So you are also saying that you never sold drugs to begin with? Correct?

Person 2: Yes, that's what I meant by No Sorry. Plus I can't help even if I really wanted to.
by STFU UR THE REASON WE SNITCH. November 27, 2021
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