A woman who surrounds herself with gay men and the friends of gay men, she is often not the prettiest face and over weight, she has female friends but she’s always talking about her gay male friends. If she can use her “status” with the gay men in her life to gain friendships with lesbians she will too. She called herself bisexual but you’ve only ever seen her drunk kissing another female because she likes dick but she thinks being bisexual makes her more appealing to the gay men she obsesses over. She does not like anyone else (especially a female) having the attention of her gays but if she can’t see a way to sabotage that relationship without losing her fag hag status then she will crawl right up that persons butt hole so she can be included. She’s usually a girl who is insecure and can be a ‘couple beers short of a six pack’. She usually dislikes straight females who are prettier and slimmer than her and she always has to have someone who she treats as being beneath her or pathetic.
Yeh look Betty is a Fag Hag, she literally treats everyone else like shit unless she wants something but she would never have the nerve to treat her gays like that.
by KikiDoYouLoveMe21 November 23, 2021
A straight women how wants to have sex with gay man.
She knows he's gay, she's his Fag Hag. She wants to have sex with him but I don't think he's drunk enough yet...
by OmBoy January 8, 2015
An Old rotten looking female that smokes
"did ya see that one isabel she's a proper fag hag"
by TomotheBollix October 21, 2011
a straight person that attracts gay people in a non sexual way
Sandra has all gay friends, she must be a fag hag.
by snortint April 9, 2018
A woman who smokes far too often, to the detriment of her health (used in parts of the UK).
Nobody goes through a 20-pack like our Carol, she's a right fucking fag hag.
by Smallerz August 10, 2016
Fag flag roulette or rainbow flag roulette is when 6 or more homosexuals lay down and pleasure the person next to them using hands and toys, the first to climax / lose has to 'clean up' after all the others, often using only their mouth. The winner (depending on which way you look at it) is the one who finishes last and doesn't have to 'clean up'. Like soggy biscuit but strictly for the rainbow flag brigade.
That sausage jockey went to play fag flag roulette last night and lost, but I think that was his plan.
by Theliberalcommuter January 19, 2022