“Your hairlines deformed
No mames” (nms)
by Yah dig 🥴 June 19, 2019
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Not mad or not mean. Used after messages or posts over text to indicate tone.
A: please don't send me friend requests if i don't know you irl /srs /nm
by voloutia June 2, 2021
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Not Much. Mostly used on im (instant messaging) e.g msn, aim, skype.
fred: Heyy up to much?
Tim: nm you?
fred: nm just chatting to you
Tim: oh cool
by MsnAddict_x May 1, 2009
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Short for "Not Mind Safe" (and not for "Not My Style", what kind of lame "street" phrase is that anyway). Indicates content that so disturbing it should be forever left unseen. Used as an extreme warning for images whose full horror is not covered by NWS (Not Work Safe).
Wow, I puked all over my keyboard after seeing mrhands.avi (warning: NMS). That was one well-hung horse.
by anexcellentnickname April 10, 2010
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an annoying/lazy way of saying "Oh, I was just sitting here with my thumb up my ass, waiting for you to ask me what I was doing. In fact, let's just stand here and piss away 3 minutes of our lives talking in unclear ambiguous terms about how our day is, what we did five minutes ago, and what we plan on doing five minutes from now."
Person 1: Whazzzz up??
Person 2: nm
by Anonymous November 6, 2002
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An abbreviation of "not much" or "nothing much". It is most commonly used in instant messaging conversations as an easy and thoughtless answer to the question what's up.

Some people also use it as an abbreviation for "nevermind", but "nvm" is more popular.
Typical start of an MSN conversation:
Jack: hey
Jill: hey
Jack: sup?
Jill: nm u?
Jack: nm
Jill: cool
Jack: yup
Jack: (starts talking about something)
by Laurenn August 29, 2007
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