A derogatory term used among some Autistics and Aspies (people with Asperger Syndrome) to refer to a Neurotypical (derived from the abbreviation NT; NT-er; Nitter).
Dont worry about the people writing definitions on here about Asperger Syndrome being a fake disorder invented by people to justify being losers; they're nothing but a bunch of goddamn nitters
by Kurotowa July 22, 2008
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having or seeing large boobs. (nitters)
Awh Dude!! Look at those huge nitters!
Why, what lovely nitters you have.
Those are my Nitters!
by DHuis07 July 01, 2011
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a small hit of pot from a dugout.
id id a nitter in the parking lot while I waited for Trixie to buy beer.
by Bobby Bayite January 21, 2005
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