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Nintendo 3DS-Place is a site created in 2011 for fans to keep up-to-date with news about the 3DS, and Wii U. Although it has a very minute community (being it has a .webs extension), it does very well in terms of views. In the month of September 2011, it had over 100,000 views, with as little as 11 members. One member was kicked out for abuse, thus leaving the site with 10 members.

However, the two creators have taken full advantage of the site, by constantly updating their database, and news section. It has it's own IRC (abbreviated form of Internet Relay Chat, a form of real-time texting alias tete-a-tete), channel, on two networks. One channel (#legitimate) has more members than the site itself sadly.

On June 27th 2011, the site was hacked by two users with faked IP's (Internet Protocols) and had taken control. However, no damage was done, and MSaki, the owner (Arbaaz-LeGiT is owner too) had installed a security system hosted by WebSurf and XRXX. The site now has it's own picture, and is giving away every single QR Code for Pokemon on their Documents page. Another app, by the name of TimeAndDate timer, was installed on the site, for the purpose of signalling users as to how long was left before the release of the 3DS. Nonetheless, subsequent to the release date, the timer kept going on, permitting the site to have the apptitude to tell users how old the 3DS was in days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
When I joined Nintendo 3DS-Place, I was amazed by what it offers, and how it distributes it's news. Simply Splendid site - Said by a member on the site.
by TULeGiT July 13, 2011
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