Her voice sounds like an angel. Has red hair hehe, her laugh can reach high notes. Everything is cute about her.
Ning ning ang bituin sa langit
by Aira Marie ng Pilipinas June 8, 2021
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A substitute for any word when one is too lazy to go into a more detailed explanation or lacks vocab. More commonly used in Asia.
'I was drinking heavily last night and now I feel all ning ning' or 'there is something weird about this coffee, it tastes a bit ning ning'.
by beass December 16, 2008
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1. Caribbean term (originating in Trinidad) for "tired eyes."

2. Common nick name for children with squinted eyes.
1. Man, ah juss miss de turn, like ah seein ning ning ah wha?

2. Ay, boy come here, yuh lil Ning Ning ba-jon.
by Localboy Collie April 17, 2008
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Words used commonly most by dirtbike riders like
1.Jordan Boggs
2.Mackenzie Fox

3.Casey Cook
Man i was riding back on the strip job and my dirt bike was NING NING NING!!!!
by Penis Butt 123' April 9, 2011
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Two swift taps to the butthole with a sword-like object, such as a lightsaber or medieval sword.
Him: Someone just Ning Ning -ed me!
Her: Did they use a lightsaber?
Him: Yes, it went in my butthole!
by Fannay Pack June 12, 2010
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*cry* Ning Ning *cry* Ning Ning *cry* Ning Ning *cry* Ning Ning *cry*
by Darrough July 19, 2004
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