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A small skinny girl who was walking peacefully and then stumbled into a pencil factory. As she was walking around she fell into a pencil machine!!!
Sammy: Wow! the sky is blue today.

Ava: what the heck did u just say??

Mary: stop being a NIMMY..

Ashlyn: You are such a nimwad don't even breath in my direction!

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by Yomamm October 18, 2018
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1. A svelte and spirited beauty whom the forces of evil can never touch.

2. An antidote to Nishant.
The One Ring can never hope to bind Nimmy. She is as immune to it's power as Galadriel.

Is Nishant troubling you? You need the Essence of Nimmy to regain your sanity.
by Ice Pepper March 23, 2010
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When you love someone so much you want them by your side "near me" all the time. Said as a term of affection, and as a term of feeling indestructible as a team.
"I want a nimmy night of Netflix and chill." "I'll always be by your side, Team Nimmy." "No one can step into this nimmy love."
by Bedonk Adonk March 05, 2018
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Someone who fell into a pencil factory when just a young girl and came out extra thin, extra tall and with a rubber head.

Someone who is unusually cranky and doesnt realize until later what a fool she's being.

Someone who secretly stalks teachers and hot professors!
Jim: Hey, who is that girl following the hot professor around everywhere?

Bob: It might be a stalker.

Jim: You mean a Nimmy.
by nishbox March 23, 2010
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