anna who like toes want to sex him.
nikos is peni$
by abortedjeesus September 05, 2018
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For something to be 'niko' means for it to be universally understood in all of England.
That is such a niko thing to say!
He doesn't randomly choose words for his sentences, but they're actually all niko!
I wish he'd be more niko, then he'd just make more sense to me.
by molpster January 15, 2007
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A charming, charasmatic, mysterious man. He is most likely an Assassin, but once you get on his good side, he will show you who he truly is. He follows the Assassin's Creed with his life. He may always go places armed to the teeth, but that is just to intimidate any Templar Agents set out to kill him. This seem to attract many women, yet he has likely never dated anyone.
Jock 1: Who is that?
Jock 2: I'm pretty sure thats Niko.

Jock 1: Whos Niko?
Jock 2: I'm pretty sure hes an Assassin, so watch out.
by DB264 June 13, 2017
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Alternatively Niko can also be used to define a very egocentric individual with virility issues in french linguo.
"That's a niko's car"
"You are such a niko!"
by truthsayer2222 July 27, 2006
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A fat non-athletic gayboy megafag, who chugs cum by the truckload. Has the smallest cock ever to the point where even people with microdicks feel bad before. He gets denied by every girl that he asks out. He may look like a fuck-boy but he's most likely to be a virgin for the rest of his life. Niko is the likely guy to have a foot fetish but it doesn't matter because he can never get a girl anyways. He looks like lady liberty just yeeted him off her torch.
Niko is a cum dumpster.
Even the dead Jews feel bad for Niko.

I heard Niko took a ride in the dryer when he was 13.
by Bignigg@cheeks August 28, 2019
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