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Someone that's of african american descent and is so annoying that they remind you of squidward from the TV show spongebob squarepants.
That bitch is such a nigward. They should kick her out of the bar.
by Hiii im awesome January 18, 2011
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A "Nigward" is a sexual preference, a memeber of the LGBTQ community. Being a "Nigward" means you're only interested in "Nasel" sex which is preformed by shoving your "Tentacle" up somebodys nose.'m coming out as a Nigward...
by Yaintgotclout December 11, 2017
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A sad, angry, or generally bad-vibed black guy
"I hate my neighbors so much. With they ugly ass bitch ass loud music"
"Alright calm down, Nigward"
by randombeanwisdom August 18, 2016
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An adjective used to describe the awkwardness that ensues after a white person accidentally says the n-word around black people.
Man that shit got nigward after Harold let the n-word slip in front of Jaquon.
by CuriousTerran April 21, 2018
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