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Nigmas: noun ( pl. -mases )
Nigger Christmas.

• Any day a nigga needs an excuse to be lazy and not do shit, is considered Nigmas

• A nigfest

Nigmassy |-məsē| adjective
-Sup ma nig? You workin tonight?
-Fuuuuck no nigga, it's NIGMAS

-Yo where's Tyrone, didn't he come to work today?
-No man, that asshole decided it was Nigmas today!
by charlos juv December 24, 2011
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1. A mysterious black man. Derived from the English words nigga and enigma.

2. Some nigga that nobody been recognizin'

3. A real sketchy lookin' brotha

see: lord infamous
News Reporter 1: "The LAPD is currently investigating a serious of television thefts in the tri-county area. Detectives claim that a mysterious, unidentifiable black man has been caught on various security tapes. Police are offering a reward of $1,000 for any tip that leads to an arrest.""
News Reporter 2: "A mysterious black man huh?...You mean a nigma right?"
News Reporter 1: "You're so fired."
News Reporter 2: "And now for the weather."
by Julio Mandrake December 23, 2005
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