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Five or more niggers in one particular area worthy of note, Synonymous with a WHOLE LOAD of niggers
Person 1: How did you get that black eye?
Person 2: I walked into an alley way wherein I encountered a niglo
Person 1: A niglo?
Person 2: A WHOLE LOAD of niggers
by TheRealSwizShady February 18, 2017
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While many others may conradict this definition, a Niglo is a black person who has attempted to become white by using pounds upon pounds of glue and putting it on their skin. they as usual are quite dumb as they realize that when the glue dries it becomes clear showing their true colors
Also spelled as Neglo
Aye bruh, did you see that one video of that wannabe white guy that was black
You mean the Niglo?
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by dumb-niggers February 26, 2018
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