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Mankinds only defense against the evil monsters of the night. If you don't have one, your days are numbered.
Nightlight, could we survive without you?
by MaximumOverdrive October 18, 2008
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A tool commonly used by children under the age of 8 to scare the piss out of the boogeyman as he creeps out of the closet. Causes burning of the scalp, eyes, and genitals.
John's nightlight really helped him get to sleep.
by Kyleddeck July 30, 2008
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a girl that you think is attractive until you see her during the day
Jim: hey theres the girl you were vibing with last night.
Ryan: where? she was such a babe
Jim: right over there. hate to say it, but she's a night light. consider yourself deceived
by tbisquit February 03, 2010
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kids use this to keep away nightmares. this variant of the word shows how even in the roughest times, the light outshines the darkest night
i still use a nightLight when i sleep.

same. i can't sleep without one
by OriginalHomie May 19, 2019
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A term for smoking a bowl of weed after a night of drinking. Similar to a night cap, but replace the drink with a bowl. (Can also be a joint, blunt, bong, etc.)
Alright, bars are closing, Who's up for a night light? Sure, I've got a couple bowls worth. Lets go to the lighthouse.
by Festival Crasher December 09, 2009
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A small dim light that is left on all night when people need to find their way to the bathroom.
They turned on their nightlight.
by David March 07, 2004
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