An alcoholic beverage made using Jamacian rum, coke, and usually drunk using some sort of bright-pink straw that you stole from a convenient store.

Barbeesha likes to get white girl wasted off her favourite drink, niggaz in paradise.

Ka'Likatifrianiqua be spillin some niggaz in paradise in her weave!
by Mr. Eric Craft April 4, 2012
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the supposed to be tough guys that disappear at the first sign of trouble
when the fight broke out those bitch niggaz were out the door
by gobby July 19, 2004
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It is another word for friends or your gang members
"Aye nigga stop playin with me nigga before I get my Niggaz on you fell me .ight."
by December 20, 2020
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People who are ignorant or stupid and believe, say and conduct themselves in untrue, deceitful or disrespectful manner
Lebron James is a False Nigga for having a one hour special to let the world know where he is deciding to play basketball. Only False Niggaz disrespect the game like that.
by QuestFunkmnkyz July 9, 2010
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Similar to ROFL, 'niggaz be rollin!' is a phrase is used to describe something so hilarious, it had people rolling on the floor.
Person 1: Yo man, you seen that dude doing the dick slang on the freeway yesterday?

Person 2: I know man, shit was so funny, niggaz be rollin!
by RoboPchan February 24, 2011
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A group of white douchebags on MySpace that look around for "nerds" to "crunch" in assorted MySpace groups.
They have nothing better to do with their time other than constantly create new profiles because they always get deleted.
by GonorrheaJoe March 19, 2008
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Blanket term used for addressing other inferior parties in hip hop parlance. This does not mean any person qualifies for inclusion into "y'all niggaz"; rather, only external persons also a part of "The Game" but not in the immediate posse of the user and therefore inferior by extension are to be addressed as such.
Lil Jon: "We runnin this bitch, y'all niggaz ain't shit."
by Benevolous June 14, 2013
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