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The powerful form of a real nigga and the highest most greatest form of any nigga. Niggato can do some real hood shit and he is ready to fight bitch ass niggas at any time
Tyrone: oh shit run here come Niggato!
Niggato: You foolish mortal I have come to defeat the ultimate bitch ass nigga. NIGGATO GO!!!
by William Walker CMS April 23, 2017
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Having toes that are so unclean, uncut nails, and deformed so terribly they are referred to as "Nigga toes"
LaDasha walks into a nail salon for a pedicure and takes off her shoes, to find uncut and dirty nails.

Nail technician: Dayum girl, you got some nigga toes.
by WordsUsedByTheHood September 20, 2013
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