Surprisingly, not a black dinosaur. It however, has 500 teeth, making it a weird looking mf. Whoever named this is going the boiler room of hell
Guy: Look, omg a Nigersaurus. Wait, that mf alive?
by fedora_the_explorer May 9, 2021
Dinosaur, of the nigger variety. Omnivorous, diet consist primarily of watermelon, fried chicken, and fruit punch. Strong points, sniffing out a fat ass, weak point swimming. If you see one alert the authorities as it is most likely wanted and on the run
Nigersaurus, large black dinosaur of the nigger variety. Feeds on watermelon, chicken and fat white women.
by Lol,wow February 1, 2020
A genus of sauropod dinosaur in the family Rebbachisauridae. Contains a single species, N. taqueti. It has nothing to do with the N word. It's actually named after the country Niger, where it was discovered. Hence the "g" should be pronounced "zh".
Nigersaurus had over 500 teeth and shed them evey 14 days.
by ensam January 31, 2023
A big black Dinosaur who’s name sounds like the n word.
Person 1: Hey, Wanna hear a racist joke?
Person 2: Yeah sure.
Person 1: Why did the Nigersaurus go extinct?
Person2: Why?
Person1: Because a white meteor hit it, and when it jumped into the water and tried to swim away it realized it couldn’t swim.
Person 2: Damn, that’s crazy bro.
by ObviouslyBlue October 27, 2022