A person from Nigeria. Western part of Africa. Proud of their food 🥘, music, lifestyle ( culture)
Nigerian music is amazing
by Vii17 June 7, 2020
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joey:damn, that african girl is fine.
karl: yea, she must be nigerian.
by purplehottie8 May 18, 2010
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1)People who are Nigerian who say things like

'na wa o'
'comeon', followed by a long tirade to do a list of errands
'disting' for 'this thing'
'goslow' for traffic
'boot' for trunk
'pant' for underwear
'armpit thing' for deodeorant
'ching chong' for any asian person they see or talk to
2) A nigerian household that isn't complete without a pot of stew and rice , soup for fufu, in the refrigorator
3) A man who is persistent and without even knowing you claims that you are 'his wife'

4)People that are self confident and self assured and don't need to rely on reparations to get a job or go to college.
'ah-ah' , there is so much goslow, I need to go home, make am cook soup and fufu'

'omg, you're sooo nigerian'
by Laety April 20, 2006
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a person from Nigeria ..

xteristics: outgoing, extremely intelligent and resourceful

if given the right environment would benefit the world ...

opposites: James the twit above
by ANitJames January 24, 2005
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Niger- area ,one of the blackest countries in the world,full of lightskin,darkskins and majority of brownskins,very intelligent people...Giant of Africa,most people of African diaspora are west African,majority Nigerian...loves Ghanians so much and makes Africa proud.
why she so pretty
Cos she Nigerian
by missnigeria November 18, 2020
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Everyone and everything is or has at some point in their life been a Nigerian or soon will be. Not a insult not a compliment but rather something more then i or you could even understand and that we will just have to accept.
Im Nigerian
by Sans undertale 69 October 29, 2018
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