A commonly-made typo.
Crap! I was looking up Nigger and I made a goddamn typo and ended up on the Niger definition.
by useful idiot April 2, 2005
the latin word for the colour black
Roman: Niger!

Person: Yes my wallpaper is black! How did you know?
by Murpho September 7, 2006
A term used for the lazy sleepy feeling you get after you eat too much good food.
I'm sleepy after that second plate of macaroni and cheese. I think I got nigeritis.
by DonDonna January 13, 2008
A nigger who is coincidentally a Liberal.
That Nigeral has some progressive ideas fo'sho.
by Lalalashshshsh October 3, 2010
the feeling of drosy/ sleepyness after a meal

slag wigh orginated in golden corral when people will pigg out and fall asleep in the chair
after that meal i want to hit the be said monica
thats just nigeritis said quanesha
by quanesha June 29, 2006
When a black man dominates his opponent in a sport or game.
1."Did you see that nigerator"
2."Paul got destroyed by that nigerator"
by Nigeration May 25, 2008