Bruh... stop being racist it’s a country in the world🙄😎
He I’m over here in the country Niger
by Sssniperwolf13 April 26, 2021
Dont ever fucking use it around the African American race or theyll kill you.
by Xypherz July 26, 2019
Niger is a country in Africa that became a country in who the knows and is known for I don’t fucking know and speaks the language of this was written by an American so who cares also the subject to jokes because it’s extremely similar to an offensive word to people of black descent at first it was funny in 5th grade but fucking seriously who still laughs at this joke it’s so bland and stale and if your a little bitch i guess you can whine about how it is offensive but like shut the hell up Linda your not even black and have zero black friends why do you care so much?
Person A: did you know there’s a country in Africa call niger
Person B: I don’t care but cool I guess

Person C: bro that’s so funny it’s almost looks and sounds like the big no no word
Person A: Carl it’s been 10 years you died in a car accident why do you haunt me with shitty middle school jokes?
Person B: ok I’m gonna go now
by yehujrflttgds February 12, 2020
Niger is a country in Africa, it's not the f#cking n word
"Hey bro, did you know there's African country named "Niger" "
by Solbiaka March 6, 2022
A small area in Africa or another term for nigga
I am from Niger, Africa
by AngeloP November 7, 2020
A commonly-made typo.
Crap! I was looking up Nigger and I made a goddamn typo and ended up on the Niger definition.
by useful idiot April 2, 2005