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The disowned brother of the Cookie Monster, he loves to guzzle a certain white juice. Beware the Cum Monster, for he will suck you off while you sleep and grow stronger with every nut.
"The Cum Monster came into my house last night and sucked off my whole family!"
by suckadickforadollar November 14, 2022
Person 1: My penis is about 4 inches long.
Person 2: Wow, thats the average penis size!
by suckadickforadollar November 2, 2022
A commonly used term by cocasians, in place of the n word.

It is actually a country in Africa

Not to be confused with the "Nigersaurus" which is a simularly used term.
White guy: Bro stop your being such a niger
Black guy: tf is that supposed to mean??
by suckadickforadollar November 2, 2022